English Fast Facts Broadcast


simplest tool to improve/maintain your English Communication in just 2 minutes a day.


The daily text audio has helped me to keep English fresh in my mind every day, especially since I am no longer in an English environment for almost 2 years now. It helps a lot to never forget continue thinking in English, something it is easily forgotten when you leave a native-speaking environment. On the other hand, it also helps a lot with correct pronunciation, as you might easily fall into the mannerism of mispronouncing some words simply because it sounds well. 

It's been and continues being a great help to continue improving my English.

Francisco San Inocente Benito (Madrid Spain )


I appreciate the "daily Audio" for three reasons.

1. - it's very useful to listen to a good reader who adapts her pace for foreigners

2 - sometimes I lost how to pronounce some words that I don't use frequently. By her daily reading I can readjust my pronunciation.

3 - learning correctly the "music" of the English language helps me to improve. Daily reading is a blessing for me.

Philippe Esquembre (Strasbourg France)


Reading and, above all, listening to the daily text while reading it, has helped me to keep up with my English lessons, as well as making me capable of talking about a variety of topics”

 Ismael Escobar (Madrid Spain)