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 Philippe Esquembre
  • In this excellent book Jacci raises the pronunciation problem and tells you how to solve it. She completely changes your perspective of English. 
Miguel Angel Martínez-Fresneda
He tenido la suerte de contar con Hélena como profesora de inglés desde hace casi un año. Para mí ha sido todo un descubrimiento ya que, tras muchos años de profesores de inglés, ha sido ahora cuando de repente he descubierto “ladrillos” básicos del idioma que marcan la diferencia a la hora de entender y pronunciar. Cimientos imprescindibles pero que nadie me había transmitido de esa forma. Su método “You can do it” es una herramienta de una utilidad y pedagogía enorme. Pero no sólo en lo que en el aprendizaje del idioma se refiere sino también para cualquier otro reto que afrontes en la vida. Porque esto es una de las características de las clases de Hélena: el coaching. Van más allá del inglés. Además, en cada clase sientes lo importante que cada alumno es para ella
Carmen Piñán Vinagre
The Book is a really smart approach for providing a natural way to understand why you were making mistakes in listening and speaking English . Thanks the English Coach, I have been able to build  a very efficient communication skill , as well as gaining strong confidence on myself in speaking English , the real reason behind in getting this extraordinary book from Helena Kurcab
Raul Cajias
I can assure Helena's book has helped me A LOT! It is very useful for all native Spanish speakers no matter his level of English and it is also VERY USEFUL for teachers of English as a second language. So, I would recommend it without hesitation. Sonia Annabel Abreu
Sonia Annabel Abreu
If you have spent half your life studying English with no results, definitely you need to buy this book. Heléna Kurçab (Jacci) - The English Coach™️ can help you
Israel Sendra
It was also my personal experience with Helena Kurçab, that´s why I decided to purchase such a wonderful book You Can do it in Spain .Thanks to her I could sell an important communication proposal to one of my key clients... Love LoQueNoExiste publish company to share talent and knowledge. She is the best! .
Mercedes Pescador

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Helena (Jacci) and I met several years ago in Madrid. Recently she was able to come over for a brief visit of 3 days.

I thought, "Oh this is nice, we can get to know each other better and we can visit a couple of people." Little did I know!

We did visit a Spanish speaking lady who felt that her poor English made it difficult for her to progress with work and life. I watched in awe as Helena took exactly one hour to impart the basic principles of English pronounciation through a visual and verbal method she has invented herself. "That," she said, "is all you need to make yourself understood. The vocabulary will follow!" The lady was delighted.

When we arrived home her conversation danced around how people function and she told stories of coaching experiences that brought out the potential she perceived even though covered with many layers of learned defensiveness, fear, judgement and false expectations. As our fascinating conversation progressed into the night I found myself opening up my own can of worms and she eagerly set about working her magic, drawing diagrams (one of which should really be patented, its brilliant! (I call it the Energy Tree)) and bringing me wondrously, via questions not statements, to a life-changing understanding of my own limiting behaviours that drained my energy and thwarted my goals, to seeing clearly how to shed the blockages of assumptions and judgement and replace that with humility and love. So peace... 

This very special woman is a warm, intelligent coach of the heart. She's not interested in telling you what to do but in enabling you to see for yourself what you really want to do and be. And when she sees you've got it then she disarmingly lets go so that you can get on with doing and being it. So dignity...

I loved and strongly recommend her unique, generous and deeply intense method of coaching, paying forward her refreshing influence as an inspiration to clarity and freedom.  

She left in my house a new energy... that unearthed my complacency and infused me with impatience to apply what I had come to properly understand... that judgement is toxic and makes me ill and that love is alkaline and will make me well.  

Perhaps because we are friends she was able to fast-track me to sanity, but listening to her stories I happen to know that she takes as long as she needs and will do whatever it takes... Look her up! 

Like almost everyone in Spain, I had been studying English during my whole life when I met Helena. During the last 13 years my company offered English classes in different modalities, so I could probably have around 20 different teachers, because there is a high volume of rotation among them.So, at the moment the academy told me that I had a new teacher called Helena, I simply thought: “ok one new person, but the same methodology”. I was totally wrong. Helena didn’t try to have a soft conversation about any trivial topic to improve my fluency. She started to explain NEW things about English, focused on pronunciation. New things to a person that had been attending classes for decades!I discovered that English pronunciation is not as chaotic as I thought before (It’s crazy, yes, but there are rules). So I started to discover the rule of the vowel and all others rules that maybe are not written in any book but in Helena’s one. And they work!So, after many years paying very little attention to pronunciation (just trying to imitate accents I see on movies), I realized my pronunciation was improving quickly which boosts my confidence. I think I’m now better prepared for challenging situations such as giving a public presentation in an international environment. And everything without studying new grammar!I have a new approach to English that will be useful for the rest of my life. Learning English won’t be the same anymore!
Carlos Gomez Fernandez Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO