I am so happy you decided to visit this little cabin in the cyberspace woods. It's a quiet safe space away from all the noise and overwhelm, where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, rather than comparing or competing with others. It is also where anyone who wishes to, can learn the "You Can Do It!" method to reach their English goals, one simple step at a time.
My name is Heléna Kurçab (Jacci) and I have been helping Spanish Executives to communicate successfully in the International Market since founding The English Coach™️ in 2006.
As an avid student of both Human Potential and Human Nature, along with a background in Human Resource Management, I am well aware that the inability to communicate in English with clarity and confidence, causes the loss of many career and business opportunities. :-(
This is the problem we solve. :-)
If you feel like you have been learning English "All your life" but still feel insecure in the language, you are not alone. This is the feeling of the 'Majority'.
Perhaps you relate to juggling grammatical structures in your head, or adding more words (that you never use) to vocabulary lists that only serve to fill brain space, rather than helping you to become a confident speaker.
Knowing that this is the ongoing frustration of the 'Majority' may give you some consolation, even liberation. "Ah, it's not just me!" You might then simply decide to accept this feeling of the 'Majority' as inevitable and continue your normal English routine. 
However, if you are in the 'Minority' and willing to embrace a few simple habit changes - remembering  that "Nothing changes if nothing changes" - you might like to keep reading. :-)
The English Coach™️ is a boutique Consultancy, that supports those in this 'Minority' group - the 10% of people who are willing to take personal responsibility for their progress by committing to the actions necessary to get the results they want. Support is individual because everyone is unique, with his/her own goals and needs. The good news is that the "You Can Do It!" system is simple, and can be easily implemented into the busiest schedule. No more 'No time' excuses.
So, if you have a strong reason why you want to become as confident in English as in Spanish, we can assure you that - "You Can Do It!"

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