An overview of all courses leading to the premium 'Becoming Your Story' - plus testimonials. 

You Can Do It! - Signature Course.

This course works through the 3 step signature system contained in the book You Can Do It El último empujon a tu inglés. If you lack confidence to communicate verbally in English, and are committed to change that, this course could be for you. Best of all, it is now delivered via the Zoom Video Platform so you can work face to face with Heléna, no matter where you live in the world.

Fear and doubt in your ability to master English, will be replaced with confidence and belief. Additionally, learning and applying the secret pronunciation patterns, will enable you to speak and understand in a way you never before thought possible. In fact, Heléna's big promise to you is that, after working with her, you will never look at English in the same way again. Please read the following testimonial:

"I'm very glad to have been introduced to Jacci and her method to learn English.

She is above all a good communicator. And she knows that in communication the most important thing is to understand and to be understood. This is the reason that explains why she focuses on the pronunciation of the words.

For the first time in my life, I learned the right sounds of the English words and it permits me to understand better, my conversation partner.

Anyone can follow Jacci's method through her book "You can do it". However, I had the possibility to advance step by step with her directly, and the results were extraordinary.

I therefore suggest contacting her to learn quickly with her oral explanations. It will be a great experience and I can guarantee that your English will absolutely improve!"

Julio Banacloche Palao - Professor of Law - Universidad Complutense Madrid

You Can Do It! - Career Package

Do you dream of working in a multinational company, either in your own country or in another? Does the thought of an interview in English, fill you with fear? Would you like to be prepared and confident to attend an interview at anytime, even with 15 minutes notice? If so, let's make that a reality. Drawing on 15 years experience providing staff to clients from various industries, Heléna will show you what you need to do to be prepared for an effective interview, expressing yourself with the utmost clarity and confidence, and most importantly, with the correct content that highlights your skills and abilities, and with your accompanying CV, totally aligned. 
Please read the following testimonial: 

"During my active search for employment, I had the opportunity to have the support of the Specialist Helena Kurcab. She helped me to prepare a successful job interview using her "Interview Preparation Method". She gave me the necessary tools such as: how to highlight my work successes, how my experience can be profitable for the company, which characteristics of my personality I should highlight during the interview.`

Her contributions helped me to obtain an excellent receptivity to my profile, which was evidenced in multiple job interviews, which finally resulted in the materialization of a job opportunity for a recognized Spanish company. In that sense, I am very satisfied and grateful for the information and support received by Heléna Kurçab, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional growth"

. Lolymar Cardenas - Madrid


You Can Do It! - Business Presentation Package

Do you read and write English very well but when delivering a presentation in front of an audience of native speakers, you experience nervousness? Even when you practise and practise so that your delivery is perfect, do you experience the fear in the back of your mind, such as "​What if they don't understand me?"​ "I will feel ashamed."​ Perhaps one of the most common fears is: "What if they ask questions at the end and I can't understand them? "​No matter how well practised your delivery, the thought of those questions at the end, in accents difficult to understand, make you unable to concentrate on an effective delivery for fear of the questions, right?

If you experience feelings such as these or other difficulties related to presenting effectively in English, then the Business Presentation Package could be perfect for you. Read what happened to Roberto, and he was already a seasoned speaker:

"I have been a public speaker and English conference participant for quite some time. However, recently something unexpected happened to me. I gave a public talk before an audience that had heard me speak at other conferences but this time was different. Various participants approached me, not only to tell me they appreciated my discourse but to commend me for my English.

Most of them have known me for quite some time and heard me many times before, yet they all told me my English had seen a sudden rise. One of them - whose English is really excellent, told me my English "was skyrocketing"! Another told me my grammar had always been good, but that what made the difference was my pronunciation, which had improved so much. And then he asked me "How did you accomplish that?".

I had no choice but to disclose my little secret: I have an English Coach". I went on to tell him about Heléna.

All of this made me so happy. Had it been just one person, I would have probably thought it was just his impression. But since even later on more told me the same thing, I had to believe it! "

Roberto Artusi - Italy

You Can Do It! - VIP Day

A VIP day is an excellent beginning to either a Career Package or Business Presentation Package or, (as is often the case) when an emergency English situation arises for which you needed to be prepared yesterday. :-) Now thanks to the Zoom Video Platform, you can experience the benefits of a face to face VIP day with Heléna, no matter where you live in the world. 
Please read this testimonial:

"To have the opportunity of enjoying a VIP day with Heléna is a great experience that I would recommend to anybody. It is like being with a friend who is helping you to overcome the difficulties. She listens and tries to put herself in your shoes and she guides you in such way that you find that you have the ability to solve that problem on your own. 

For this reason, during this VIP day she is going to give you the appropriate tools to achieve it. When the VIP day is finished, you will be satisfied, not only because you have been able to do it, but because you have also improved your English communication skills. And this is really motivating."

David Santos Benitez - Madrid


You Can Do It - Becoming Your Story

Becoming Your Story, is Heléna's Premium Package that. epitomises her mantra - "People and their Potential are my Passion!." It delves deep into the strategies she has learned to create a life of choice, in accordance with one's own values and gifts. As Eleanor Roosevelt said "It is never too late to become who you were meant to be." However, it takes courage and commitment and the shedding of many layers of old programming, habits and even people, to allow the move forward. It is a journey of huge transformation but the destination can be reached much faster, if you have someone who has walked the path before you, to guide the way. Please read the following testimonials.

"My experience with Heléna began as an alternative to improve my English but surprisingly this collaboration ended up being a real lesson in life.

Little by little I gradually realized what I thought was an effective way to learn English was actually something that went beyond learning a foreign language.

Helena helped me to identify the real difficulties presented in my daily life and she taught me useful methods to overcome them, besides she always followed me up in the process: giving advice, assessing my progress.. and so on.

Now both my family and work situation are better than before, and to a large extent I owe it to Heléna."

Ángel Chamorro Carballido - Madrid


Helena (Jacci) and I met several years ago in Madrid. Recently she was able to come over for a brief visit of 3 days.

I thought, "Oh this is nice, we can get to know each other better and we can visit a couple of people." Little did I know!

We did visit a Spanish speaking lady who felt that her poor English made it difficult for her to progress with work and life. I watched in awe as Helena took exactly one hour to impart the basic principles of English pronunciation through a visual and verbal method she has invented herself. "That," she said, "is all you need to make yourself understood. The vocabulary will follow!" The lady was delighted.

When we arrived home her conversation danced around how people function and she told stories of coaching experiences that brought out the potential she perceived even though covered with many layers of learned defensiveness, fear, judgement and false expectations. As our fascinating conversation progressed into the night I found myself opening up my own can of worms and she eagerly set about working her magic, drawing diagrams (one of which should really be patented, its brilliant! (I call it the Energy Tree)) and bringing me wondrously, via questions not statements, to a life-changing understanding of my own limiting behaviours that drained my energy and thwarted my goals, to seeing clearly how to shed the blockages of assumptions and judgement and replace that with humility and love. So peace... 

This very special woman is a warm, intelligent coach of the heart. She's not interested in telling you what to do but in enabling you to see for yourself what you really want to do and be. And when she sees you've got it then she disarmingly lets go so that you can get on with doing and being it. So dignity...

I loved and strongly recommend her unique, generous and deeply intense method of coaching, paying forward her refreshing influence as an inspiration to clarity and freedom.  

She left in my house a new energy... that unearthed my complacency and infused me with impatience to apply what I had come to properly understand... that judgement is toxic and makes me ill and that love is alkaline and will make me well.  

Perhaps because we are friends she was able to fast-track me to sanity, but listening to her stories I happen to know that she takes as long as she needs and will do whatever it takes... Look her up! 

Debbie Temple - Milton Keynes - England

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