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"Two Forces That Impact Our Lives"

The Story of the Mouse and The Elephant

Those who know me well, know that I speak a lot about the power of 'Appreciation' (gratitude for what we have) to improve our emotional health, and help us to 'keep going' being the best we can be, on this journey called life.

'Appreciation' is an energy force generated from within us.

However, yesterday, I was reminded of an even stronger power to enhance emotional health and motivate us to 'keep going'. It is the power of 'Being Appreciated'.

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Playing Golf With A Tennis Racket?

Yesterday, I asked a new client "Would a champion tennis player, decide he wanted to become a golf champion, and believe he could do so, using a tennis racket?"

"Of course not!", he answered.

It's true, that seems a ridiculous question to ask, because we could never imagine such a scenario. However, there is a 'Game' that many try to master, in which this scenario is a reality. People continue to use the tools and rules of the game they already know, and wonder why they can't master the new game.

3 Steps To Getting Rid Of The Rocks

For Those Who Want To Live Life Lightly

Step 1:


At the beginning of each day, imagine yourself sitting on the floor like a child, surrounded by gift packages of all different shapes and sizes. Exciting, no? :-) 

Step 2: