Raul Cajias

The Book is a really smart approach for providing a natural way to understand why you were making mistakes in listening and speaking English Thanks the English Coach, I have been able to build  a very efficient communication skill , as well as gaining strong confidence on myself in speaking English , the real reason behind in getting this extraordinary book from Helena Kurcab

Sonia Annabel Abreu

I can assure Helena's book has helped me A LOT! It is very useful for all native Spanish speakers no matter his level of English and it is also VERY USEFUL for teachers of English as a second language. So, I would recommend it without hesitation. Sonia Annabel Abreu


Israel Sendra

If you have spent half your life studying English with no results, definitely you need to buy this book. Heléna Kurçab (Jacci) - The English Coach™️ can help you

Miguel Angel Martínez-Fresneda
In this excellent book Jacci raises the pronunciation problem and tells you
how to solve it. She completely changes your perspective of English.